Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are a stylish and practical solution for protecting walls behind stovetops, sinks, and other wet areas in kitchens and bathrooms. They not only add a touch of elegance to the space but also make it easy to clean and maintain. In this blog, we’ll look at the type of glass that must be used, the thickness and processing on the glass, installation requirements according to AS1288, and the colour options and designs available for glass splashbacks.

Type of Glass for Glass Splashbacks:

The type of glass that must be used for splashbacks is toughened safety glass. Toughened glass is heat-treated to make it four to five times stronger than ordinary glass. It also shatters into small, rounded pieces when broken, which reduces the risk of injury. Toughened glass is available in clear, low-iron, tinted, and frosted finishes, making it a versatile option for splashbacks.

Glass Splashback Thickness and Processing:

The thickness of toughened glass for splashbacks is typically between 6mm to 10mm, depending on the size of the splashback and the required level of protection. The glass can also be processed with edgework, such as flat polished, beveled, or arrised, to give it a finished look and enhance its durability.

Installation Requirements according to AS1288 for Glass Splashbacks:

AS1288 is the Australian Standard for glass in buildings. It sets out the minimum requirements for glass in terms of safety, durability, and performance. When installing glass splashbacks, it’s important to follow the guidelines outlined in AS1288 to ensure compliance with the standard.

Some of the key requirements include:

  • The glass must be toughened safety glass
  • The glass must be installed with a minimum gap of 2mm from any adjacent surfaces
  • The glass must be installed with mechanical fixings, such as screws or brackets, to ensure it stays in place
  • The glass must be installed with a silicone sealant around the edges to prevent moisture from getting behind the glass

Colour Options and Designs:

Glass splashbacks are available in a wide range of colours and designs to suit any style or taste. Some of the most popular colour options include white, black, grey, blue, green, and red. Custom colours can also be matched to any paint or decor scheme. Splashbacks can be custom made to any Dulux Colour Scheme that can be found here.

In addition to solid colours, glass splashbacks can also be printed with patterns, images, or designs. This opens up a world of possibilities for creating a truly unique and personalised splashback. Some popular designs include geometric patterns, floral motifs, and abstract art. These are premium products and are priced accordingly.

In conclusion, glass splashbacks are a practical and stylish option for protecting walls in wet areas. When choosing a glass splashback, it’s important to select toughened safety glass that meets the requirements of AS1288. The thickness and processing of the glass should also be carefully considered, and the installation should be carried out according to the guidelines set out in the standard. With a wide range of colour options and designs available, a glass splashback is a great way to add a touch of elegance to any kitchen or bathroom. Enquire now by calling tel:0242617295 and we can assist with providing you a quote and consultation.