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We at Haines Glass understand your glass-related needs, whether they are residential or commercial. Sometimes glass repairs or replacements can’t wait and we have an emergency service for that reason. Our 24/7 emergency service operates so you have peace of mind if you’re in urgent need for glass replacement immediately.

We provide quotes but we don’t do free of charge quotes.

Grade A safety glass includes toughened or tempered glass, laminated glass.

Toughened or tempered glass is heat-treated and is 4-5 times stronger than its equivalent counterpart glass. Upon breaking, toughened glass will shatter into cuboid fragments, thus reducing the chance of significant injury.

Laminated glass comprises of two glass sheets bonded together with an interlayer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or more simply, a plastic layer. Upon breaking laminated glass may crack but will remain intact within the frame, thus limiting the chance of injury. It also enables the glass to remain in place, acting as a safety barrier to external elements until replaced.

Advantage: Toughened glass has a broad application, including facades, sliding doors and partitions.

Disadvantage: There can be a ten-day turnaround on toughened glass products as we need to order them to size.

Advantage: Laminated glass is able to be extensively used in building and housing products.
Laminated glass is in stock and able to be installed immediately if suited to the job.

Disadvantage: Some frames may not accommodate the thickness of laminated glass, thus rendering it essential to use toughened glass.

Yes, our glass suppliers have a variety of sound limiting glass products that cater to particular needs. We would happily discuss these options for your specific purpose.

Safety glass is used in bathrooms, laundry areas, doors, shopfront windows, low-level glazing, bathrooms and many more areas where safety is a high priority and safety glass is required.

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We take pride in having so many satisfied customers.

“Was so thankful to Haines Glass for fixing my glass sliding door late this afternoon. Due to the urgency of the situation, they were at my place after hours within half hour of me calling them. They did a fabulous job and I’m very happy with their service. Highly recommend!” Stace Mac

“Called Haines for an emergency fix at 10am today and have they just left and window is fixed. Exceptional service thanks everyone!” Anne-Marie Diaz-Brandon