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What is Coated Glass? Self cleaning glass

Are you looking for a glass cleaning made easy? The coated glass is for you.

Vitroglaze & EnduroShield

Vitroglaze & EnduroShield are a type of coating. It utilises nano-technology that can be applied to glass from our suppliers. It may also be referred to as ‘self cleaning glass’. It’s popular, particularly in shower screens. These are repeatedly coated with water, oils and soaps on a daily basis. This coating assists in reducing the build up of contaminants, dirt and grime on the surface of your glass. It also acts as a repellent and assists water and oil to bead off the glass rather than sticking to it, hence making it easier to clean.

Why does the coated glass stay clean?

Although glass appears smooth to the naked eye, microscopically, it is made up of tiny ridges and peaks. These ridges and peaks entice the molecules of water to carry the dirt, soaps and grime into these ridges and remain as stubborn deposits. After a while, your glass will lose that ‘brand new’ lustre, become dull and more difficult to clean. As a result your glass will need higher maintenance, more regular cleaning. Eventually you’ll need to replace the glass due to deterioration.

How does it work?

Vitroglaze & EnduroShield work by coating the glass and therefore ‘flattening’ out the microscopic ridges and peaks so that it is a completely smooth surface. Applying this coating process adhesively bonds the substrate to the glass and will last for 10 years when following manufacturers directions. The use of Vitroglaze or EnduroShield makes it far more difficult for soap scum, dirt and grime to stick to the coated glass, and is much easier to clean.

Where can I use this?

You can use Vitroglaze & EnduroShield on the following surfaces:

  • Glass & Glass buildings
  • Glass shower screens
  • Marine glass
  • Balustrading & Pool fences
  • Stainless steel & stainless steel bathroom fixtures
  • Tiles, porcelain, marble & granite

Pros of Vitroglaze and EnduroShield

  • Non-stick and invisible once applied
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • Will last 10 years
  • Keeps glass looking new
  • Prevents etching and deterioration
  • No need for use of harsh chemicals
  • Simply wash with water and a microfibre towel (may use a 50:50 water/vinegar solution if wanted)
  • Saves time and effort
  • Environmentally friendly

Cons of Vitroglaze and EnduroShield

  • Expense initially (however, when compared to replacing glass in your home repeatedly, it becomes a more economical option).
  • We require all glass with these coatings to be ordered through our supplier. It takes an average of 10 business days from the day we place the order. It is not something we keep in stock.
  • Will be permanently damaged and void warranty if harsh chemicals and abrasive materials are used.