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Laminated Safety Glass

Safety Glass

Laminated Glass

Safety Glass is a thing! There are 2 main types of safety glass available. These must be installed in certain types of windows or doors and shower screens to comply with standards. Laminated Glass is one such option.

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated Glass is two pieces of float glass that is bonded together with a plastic interlayer. This structure of glass is made so when it breaks the glass panel will hold together in one piece. This type of glass can be installed in residential properties and commercial properties.

How it Breaks

Laminated glass when impacted will create a ‘spider-web’ like pattern, like the glass in a windshield. When this type of glass breaks, it will hold together ok until it is replaced. To reinforce such glass until it is fixed, contact and/or sticky tape or duct tape can be used. However, we would recommend not delaying this, and getting this fixed as soon as practically possible.

Why is this considered safety glass?

The key to this type of glass being safety glass is the way it breaks. When you think of traditional glass and how it breaks, the glass breaks into large shards which are sharp and dangerous. This type of glass can cause significant injuries to people. Laminated glass, however, can break (as all glass can), but it will generally cause multiple cracks that branch out from the impact zone. This ensures minimal risk of injuries to persons. This is also why it is imperative to select a Qualified Glazier with the right knowledge and expertise for installations. When working with glass in your property to ensure glass is installed according to the AS1288 Glass and Glazing Standards.

Where can I have this Glass Installed?

Laminated glass can be installed in many windows and doors, provided the thickness of the glass is accommodated by the frame it is being installed into. There are also specified requirements as to where safety glass MUST be installed in certain areas of a property. Sliding glass doors, sidelights, glass panels in doors, glass in bathrooms/wet areas are examples of where safety glass must be installed. If the frames you have don’t accommodate laminated glass, toughened safety glass could be an option as it is another type of safety glass.

How do I know if I have safety glass in my home now?

The short answer is; you would not necessarily know. To the naked eye different types of glass are very hard to distinguish between until they are actually broken, especially to a person not in the industry. It is a requirement to have safety glass in the mentioned areas mentioned above, however, older homes, may no longer comply as the safety standards have been updated since many homes were originally built. A glass assessment of the glass in your homes can be performed by qualified glaziers and recommendations can be made on the existing glass and what options you have moving forward to ensure the upmost safety in your home. If you want to learn more about our glass replacement services click the following link