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Prices, Options and Sizes for Doggy doors

You’ve made your mind and you’re ready to add a doggy door to your window or sliding door. Now is time to find out exactly what you need to know before placing your order. We’ve made it simple for you in this blog post: we talk about the price range of a doggy door, the different options and sizes available.

How much does a doggy door cost?

Price of a doggy door is dependent on 3 factors:

  1. The size of the glass sliding door; the larger the door increases the price
  2. Whether you supply your own doggy door/cat door/ pet door or we do
  3. Whether you want to try and install the glass yourself or have our qualified tradesmen do it for you

Typically, most glass sliding doors will be installed with 6mm clear glass which has been toughened. The glass sliding door requires a hole cut out of the glass. By doing this, the edges of where the cut out are results in an area in the glass that is weakened.

What if the glass break?

To counteract this, after the cut out is completed, the glass goes through the toughening process which makes the glass 4-5 times stronger. This ensures that when the pet/doggy door is attached to the cut out, and your pet runs through the pet door it is able to withstand any knocks or bumps that your pet may cause without the glass breaking.

If the glass does break, however, whether due to the pets, kids or your husband (lol), the toughened glass is designed to shatter into tiny cubes which is less like to cause any serious damage to people or pets. This is also why it is known as Grade A safety glass according to Australian Standard AS1288.

The pet doors which we use are those from our New Zealand neighbours Pet-Tek. They are slim line in design which make them highly suitable to place in any section of your sliding door; whether the fixed panel or sliding part. This design ensures that they do not catch when opening and closing the doors. This can occur on some bulkier pet doors, limiting where the pet door can actually be placed.

Additionally, all parts to the pet door screw together and are fully secured to the glass, making them very sturdy, no matter what size your pet is. These doors can take a knock and remain fully functional.

What is the price range?

Typical sliding doors can range in size greatly, there is no ‘standard’ size per say. However, most sliding doors will range to a height of up to 2000mm and the width can range from anywhere between 700mm to 1200mm. Based on these ranges of a height of 2000mm and a width of 700mm as the minimum and 1200mm as the maximum. Note: these prices are based off the use of clear 6mm toughened glass, coloured/tinted glass may incur additional costs. Therefore, you can use the following price guide as a reference;

Pet Door Options (with clear 6mm toughened glass)Price Range*
Complete package; glass with hole cut out supplied, pet door supplied, pet door and glass installed$550-850
Glass supplied and pet door install; glass with hole cut out supplied, glass door installed, pet door fitted (pet door supplied by customer)$590-750
Glass supplied only with install; glass with hole cut out supplied and installed, customer to fit and purchase pet door themselves$500-700
Glass supplied only; glass with hole cut out supplied, customer to fit pet door and install glass themselves$350-550
*Please note: price ranges are subject to a formal measure and quote.

Therefore, as can be seen above, you may be able to install a pet/doggy door according to your budget and skill set. You have the option of taking any hassle away and getting the job done by us. On occasion, there may be other specifics that can be tailored to your needs. We can discuss these over the phone on 0242617295 and/or the tradesman can include this in their measure and quote.