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Mirrors for your home and your business

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Are you looking for a custom size mirror? Do you need a mirror to replace an existing frame or piece of furniture? A mirror for your home, office, gym, or business? We can custom make mirrors to fit your bathroom, to create a decorative feature piece in your home or business and accentuate your living spaces.

What is Mirror?

Mirror is simply glass which has a silver or metallic coating that finishes off the glass to give it its reflective surface.

Add mirrors to your home, office, gym or business

We are able to cut the mirror to size to meet a variety of needs. If it’s a mirror for your home, office, gym or business (e.g. dance studios, restaurant, waiting rooms, etc.) that you are after we are able to cut to size and custom make your mirror either within an aluminium frame or without a frame with polished edges. Our stock sheet sizes are 2400 x 1800 in 4mm and 6mm mirrors, so we can create your desired mirror within this size range. If your desired length is longer, we can segment the mirrors and piece them together to create your desired look.

Edging of Mirror

To finish of the edging of the mirror a few options are available; 

  • Straight cut mirror is only used when the mirror is enclosed in a frame. It can be either your existing frame, or one we can create for you.
  • Polished edge is a small camphor a couple of mm thick (that creates a 45 degree angle on the mirror). It takes off the sharp edge of the mirror and finishes off the edge nice and smooth. We have our own polishing machine so this is something that can be completed by us. This is the most common and cost effective finish for a mirror and can be completed relatively quickly
  • Bevelled edge. Bevelling is a form of polishing that creates a gradual angle around the edging of the mirror. This can be as small as 6mm in length. This creates a border like finish around the mirror. Bevelling is something we order custom sized from our supplier. We need the length of bevelling you desire as we do not have a bevelling machine.

Mirror Colours

Silver mirror is the most common type of mirror colour when people picture a mirror in their minds. However, grey mirror and bronze mirror are other great mirror option colours. As the name suggests grey mirror has a grey tone to it, creating a darker overall reflection. This creates a very modern and elegant look to your mirror design that works well with furniture and various colour designs. Bronze mirror has a bronze (brown-like) tone to it, creating a more vintage look. Again this can work with a variety of designs and colour in homes and offices.

Safety Mirror

Mirror is glass, and is designed in such a way that it will break the same as glass. For this reason you have two options; regular mirror as just described, or safety mirror. Like safety glass, this meets the Glass and Glazing Standards. Safety mirror is a mirror which has a vinyl backing on it. This acts to keep the mirror intact in case of breakage. The vinyl backing will hold the mirror together. For example, if your safety mirror was to drop and fall on the floor, it would break and have cracks all the way through it but won’t break off into sharp shards. Thus why it is deemed safety mirror

Lead Times

If you are after a custom mirror that we are able to complete in our workshop, lead times are approximately a week from the time of order (if longer, this will be advised on the phone). In case you are wanting to place an order, we will ask if you require it by a certain date so we can place this on your order.

If we need to custom order your mirror from our supplier, this typically takes 10 business days from the time we place the order and will be advised when placing the order.

Once all orders are processed or received, we give you a call when your mirror is ready to be picked up. Contact us now!