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Mirror Custom Made

What is a custom mirror?

Simply put, they are mirrors which can be made to your desired size. They are not bound by any restrictions for sizing or shape. Parameters for works depend on if we can provided your desired outcome. These can range in size for anything that is small enough to fit in residential properties to commercial mirror fit outs for dance studios, gyms or other large scale buildings that require large sized mirror.

How are these different to one bought in a store?

Often store-bought mirrors are imported from overseas. These tend to be generic sized and sometimes won’t result in your desired outcome in a bathroom for example. Our mirror can come in a few of different thicknesses; 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thick. Safety mirror is an option when getting mirrors to custom size. They can be made circular, uniquely shaped, or simple 4 sided (rectangular) cut. The finishing on the edges can be selected for whether it will be installed into a frame, flat polished or beveled.

The price difference between our mirror vs store bought

We like to outline upfront that we wont be able to compete to the price on store bought mirrors that have been imported. We have had examples where customers have purchased mirrors for cheap and when getting a price from us it has been as much as 5 times the price. Labour to make up these mirrors is inclusive of pricing, as well as product costs. We always try and outline upfront with our customers if its worth their while or not and advise on a case by case basis. This can be done by having a chat with one of our fantastic team members to gain their insight to your needs.

Types of Mirror and Installation

Custom mirrors can exist in a frame, have flat polished edges or beveled edges.

  • Framed mirrors can be made up to any size for 4 sided shapes (squares and rectangles). The frames colours in stock are white and silver, but other options may be available depending on your needs.
  • Framed mirrors can be installed by screwing to the wall
  • Flat polished mirrors are made at out workshop with the polishing machine. They take a small angle of the sharp edge and smooth it out to give a simple elegant finish.
  • Flat polished mirrors are installed to walls by using 2 sided mirror tape and silicone. This is stuck generally directly to the wall. The mirror tape holds the mirror securely until the silicone.
  • Beveled edge mirror is ordered from our supplier. These mirrors have an angled that tapers to the edge of the mirror. This can be anywhere between 5mm to 50mm in length.
  • Beveled mirror in installed as per flat polished mirror. This edging is the premium version of what you can get with custom mirror and has a matching price tag.


Cleaning mirror seems easy enough. Have you ever encountered streaks you cannot seem to remove? The cleaning process we use is to use the CRL Glass cleaner we have in stock with a microfibre towel. This removes the simple marks such as finger prints or water marks. The quality of the cleaner and microfibre towel are important here. For stubborn marks like if a sticker has been removed and some of the glue remains on the mirror; the tradesmen use a trick of applying the glass cleaner and using a squeegee to remove the spray, followed up with the micorofbre towel to complete the clean.

If you want to know more about our custom mirrors click on this blog or contact us today