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Lead Times on Glass Orders

Glass and Mirror Orders

We provide glass cut to size for a variety of purposes. Often, our customers will get glass supplied to replace windows themselves, for glass shelves and cabinets, mirrors for bathrooms or as features in their homes. Occasionally, people will get glass supplied for their pool fences, balustrading, reptile tanks and more. So we thought we could outline the process of purchasing glass and identify our lead times on glass orders.

When it comes to glass cut to size, if it is something that we keep in stock; like float glass (in a variety of thicknesses), or laminated safety glass. We can generally get this cut within 2 to 3 business days. Glass that may be a unique shape or required to be cut to a template may take closer to a week or more. It depends on its complexity of the individual job and the workload the glaziers have out on the road. When the boys are booked out offsite, they will often be out all day doing reglazes at peoples homes, so are unavailable in the workshop. This can be discussed on a customer by customer basis when ordering. We can advise a more appropriate time on such particular jobs.

You can call up on the phone, email us at, send us a DM in our socials, or visit in person and provide us with the details of the type of glass you require, the measurements you are after and when you require it by. Then the tradesmen receive the order and will process it at their next availability. Once the boys have completed the order, our office will give you a call to advise the order is ready to be picked up.

Toughened Glass Orders

Do you require some toughened safety glass? This is something that we must order through one of our suppliers. We do not have the toughening machines and equipment at our workshop. Essentially, the same process as above occurs where we take all the details we need. However, we then process an order with our supplier and it takes us 10 business days on average to receive an order. Upon which time, we will give you a call to advise your order is available for pick up.

Window bookings

So, you have broken your window and need it replaced! If you urgently need a replacement we do our best to squeeze you in on the day. Please note that we do book in jobs ahead of time so we may have to accommodate such urgent jobs later in the afternoon.

Sometimes people board up their windows until such a time that we can arrange to replace the glass in the window, if this is an option available to you. If you call up and want to schedule a non-urgent window to be reglazed, whether changing the glass to something more preferable; we take all your contact details required and work with you to arrange a suitable day.

Because we cannot always guarantee a set time that our tradesmen will attend, we offer a morning or afternoon option and have our tradesman give you a call when they finish their last job and are on their way to your place. If you know you may not be available until after a set time e.g. 10am, we can put down that the job can be anytime after 10am.

Note: this does not necessarily mean they will arrive at 10, but more specifically they know not to attend before such time or your specific request. We will then complete the works required and can process payment onsite with eftpos facilities or cash, or alternatively process the invoice once the job has been set as complete to enable bank transfer or online credit card payments.

Shower Screens

When it comes to lead times on glass orders for purchasing a new shower screen, we will need to gather your details and schedule in a time to complete a consultation as we custom make all our shower screens to your bathroom. Once these details for the type of shower screen, size, glass type and any specifics for your order have been gathered. They are passed onto our office to price up, and we will send out a quote, typically between 24 – 48 hours. If you decide to go ahead with your shower screen, it takes on average 2 weeks (from the day you give the go ahead) to fabricate the shower screens. At which time we will call you to book in a time to install your brand new shower screen.

Table Tops

Table Tops can be made both within our workshop, or ordered in from our supplier. If your existing table has a solid top (e.g. timber or marble) and the glass is going to be used as protection, we recommend a minimum thickness of 6mm glass. This can be float glass (as the glass is not supporting any weight itself). You may choose any thickness you like but that will also reflect the price, and additional thickness is not necessary. We have a polishing machine and are able to flat polish the edge of the glass. This gives a nice smooth finish on all the edges.

Glass which acts as the actual top of the glass table and supports weight that is placed on it (e.g. such as outdoor table settings where glass sits inside a metal frame) requires toughened glass. Toughened glass must be ordered from our suppliers. It takes typically 10 business days for us to receive the glass following the placement of our order. If you require a unique shape, a template may need to be made up and sent to our suppliers to make this. If this is something needed we can organise this for you. We either need a copy of the template, or to come out and create the template for you.

We hope this blog will be helpful with our lead times on glass orders and how we process glass for your needs.