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How much does it cost for picture frame glass to be cut?

Picture frame glass is typically 2mm thick, and we offer two main glass types when it comes to replacing the glass in your picture frames. Those two options are:

  • regular 2mm clear float glass
  • 2mm diffused glass.

Other options that may be used include acrylic sheets, museum glass and conservation glass, but these will be sourced on a unique request.

2mm Glass

The 2mm regular float glass option is simply that, regular annealed glass that you typically see in most picture frames that you purchase. It is the more budget friendly option. It is high quality that suits the purpose for regular framed photos or images in most cases.

This glass is quite easy to access, easy to clean and hardest to scratch when comparing other glass/acrylic options. The downside is that it has the lowest UV protection rating (blocks about 50%). This may result in image fading over time, also depending on how large the size of the glass needs to be, a safety factor should be assessed.

2mm Diffused Glass

The diffused glass option is the ‘anti-glare’ glass which is used typically for expensive artworks, images or memorabilia. The light which shines on the glass surface is reflected in such a way that it is diffused, hence, resulting in the light not reflecting back out from the glass surface at the same angle that it hits the glass initially.

Some positives of this type of glass: it blocks out approximately 99% of the UV rays. This results in longevity of the image it is overlaying, the coating ensures clarity and the highest visibility of the image also. There is a few downsides. It’s much more expensive per m2 than regular 2mm glass. It scratches a little more easily than regular glass due to the coating. When cleaning, more caution is required and large pieces need safety considerations.

What is included in the price?

As far as the cost to get your glass replaced, below outlines the 2 sets of pricing that we charge. This charge is inclusive of the following factors;

  • Accurately measuring the glass to size
  • Labour to cut the glass
  • Installation of the glass into the frame
  • Cleaning the glass

So for example, if you have a picture frame 50cm by 40cm or 500mm by 400mm: 

  • Regular 2mm glass will cost you approximately $15
  • 2mm Diffused glass will cost you approximately $27

Although, the price difference may be significant when looking at a m2 rate, when you consider the size of the glass you request, particularly for smaller photos, the price difference is not as significant, which leads you to making your decision.

So the question lies with weighing up the pros and cons of your options and selecting the option which is right for you.