Glass Splashback

What is a Glass Splashback?

A Glass Splashback is a piece of toughened glass that is installed in the kitchen. It prevents food and oil splashing onto the walls. The glass provides a modern finish to kitchens and can really accentuate the look of a kitchen.

Factors to consider when installing a Glass Splashback

  • Glass splashbacks when located near gas appliances will be subject to heat from a naked flame
  • Most walls behind the splashback are made from plasterboard. The surface temperature of this material cannot exceed 65 degrees Celsius above ambient temperature
  • There is a minimum clearance from the closest point of the gas burner (naked flame) to the wall. This needs to be 200mm away from the glass splashback. (Any closer puts at risk malfunction of the splashback)
  • Toughened safety glass of minimum thickness 5mm (Haines Glass recommend 6mm) is required. This is because it must comply with the Australian Glass and Glazing Standards
  • The same considerations above should be used for electric cooktops also. This, however, is not a rule.
  • The glass can break. If it does, it will shatter into tiny pieces. It will likely stay in place as they are glued on the wall. Upon replacement, the whole panel must be broken off the wall to be removed and a new piece installed

Design options for Splashbacks

The most common design option is a simple yet effective Dulux colour for a splashback. The paint colour is applied to the glass to provide the desired look. Patterns and images can also be applied to splashbacks at additional costs.

Splashbacks require specific cut outs for power points, or unusual shapes to match the existing design in kitchens. The more complex this is, the more detail is required and therefore associated costs. Simple designs can be discussed over the phone to provide approximate costings when in the enquiry stage.

How to get a quote?

We can provide a general approximation based on the square metreage of the glass required. Further details also needed include the number of cut outs for power points. This can be helpful when deciding if this is an investment you would like to make for your kitchen. Alternatively, to organise a quotation of a splashback we can provide a paid consultation to measure up and design the splashback. This includes site measure and inspection to meet the standards. It also includes administration to provide an exact formal quotation after site measure and design is complete.

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