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Glass Replacement

Glass seems like such a simple material, doesn’t it?

Glass is just glass right? Wrong!

Glass replacement is a simple task right!

Reglazing as it is also known, is the process of removing old, broken or cracked glass and fitting a new piece of glass into the existing window/doorframe. Glaziers replace the glass only during glass replacement. They work with the existing frames of which the original glass is in. This can occur in timber frames, aluminium frames, doors etc. This work includes the removal of broken glass within the immediate area, or where practicable of the break.

What to consider with Replacing Glass?

There are so many factors to consider when requiring replacement of glass. Our first recommendation is that you use a formally qualified and licensed tradesman! This ensures the company and person replacing your glass has all the correct know how, skills, tools and techniques to successfully install the correct type of glass in your home. After all glass and glass replacement is a massive safety factor and security matter in your home, we know it is in ours!

Glass Options for replacement

There are a variety of different types of glass used for glass replacement which is purpose built for set uses. Examples include float glass, laminated glass, toughened glass, obscure glass, Low-E (energy efficient glass), patterned glass and the list goes on. Float glass cannot be installed in sliding doors for an example. Wet areas require glass to be safety glass to be installed in windows and shower screens. Minimum thicknesses of glass need to be replaced in windows that are low lying to the ground. So, glass replacement is not necessarily that simple. The rules and regulations outlined in AS1288 Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation govern everything that regulates glass types and glass replacement in buildings.

Furthermore, glass selection for reglazing is also dependent on square metreage sizing. There are rules which govern the maximum area that glass can be replaced in windows. After such sizes it is a requirement to reglaze it with a thicker glass. Adhering to these standards is imperative regardless of price. This is a non-negotiable, safety is far more important in our eyes than saving a small amount of money. It can sometimes be an issue if a non-qualified person tries to install glass (such as a DIY job) who doesn’t know these rules. We are happy to help provide advice in this regard and can be contacted on 42617295 or through our online form to discuss.

Anywhere, anytime.

Our team of tradesmen carry all the tools of the trade on their utes. Our utes are designed to be able to cut glass on the back tray. This enables us to be able to provide timely glass replacement to the size required whilst at the customers premises. If you require some glass replacement or advise on types of glass please call 42617295 or email we would be happy to help.