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Glass Certification

  • Have you moved into a property and not sure if the glass is safe and need glass certification?
  • Is there safety glass where safety glass is meant to be?
  • Recently built a house and need your glass certification certificate to get approval for your Occupation certificate?
  • Are you a Property Manager wanting to ensure the landlords home is glass certified?

Glass Types

All glass looks the same and to the naked eye. However, there are various types of glass that fulfil different purposes in homes, doors, bathrooms and more. The main types of glass in residential homes are float glass, laminated glass, toughened glass and obscured glass. But, unless you are a qualified glazier, you may need glass certification to confirm if everything is ok and how it should be. By that, we mean the right type of glass is installed in the right place.

Float glass is your ‘typical’ type of glass when people think of glass. It breaks in large shards and is often around 4mm in thickness. Sometimes thicker, sometimes thinner depending on the age and a few other factors of the home. Many windows in homes are float glass, especially if you think of bedroom, kitchen, loungeroom windows as examples.

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass and is suitable for sliding doors, wet areas, such as bathrooms/laundries, and many timber doors. This type of safety glass can also be used in low-lying windows if the frames can accommodate its thickness. Further information on laminated glass can be found here.

Toughened glass is another type of safety glass that is also suitable for sliding doors, wet areas, such as bathrooms/laundries, and many timber doors. Toughened glass can be of a smaller thickness compared to laminated glass to fit into smaller frames, but it must be ordered. It will typically have a toughened stamp in one of the corners, but not always. To see more information on toughened glass click here.

Glass and Glazing Standards

There are rules as per the Australian Standards that require certain types of glass in certain areas such as;

  • Sliding doors must be safety glass
  • Wet areas must only use safety glass (including shower screens & windows)
  • Windows lower than 500mm from the ground must be no less than 5mm thick, up to an area of 0.5sqm and anything larger must be safety glass

Depending on the age of the home, some of these standards have changed. Therefore results in the existing glass type being non-compliant and deemed not safe in homes. Our glass certification process involves coming out and inspecting the existing glass and implementing testing measures to determine if the glass is to the correct standard. Glass to the standard will have glass certification provided as it meets all the requirements . If glass certification indicates the glass cannot be deemed to the standard, then recommendations on glass replacement is advised and can be organised.

If you require glass certification, simply call our office on 42617295 and we can schedule a time in to complete this for you at our next availability.