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Glass replacement with float glass

Float Glass

What is Float Glass?

Float glass is what most people think of when it comes to glass that is in homes. It is the type of glass that breaks into large shards if broken. Glass properties include a very smooth, transparent appearance and is also used for making other glass types such as laminated glass and toughened glass. It has a natural greenish tinge and can transmit about 87% of light. 

Float Glass is named per the process it is manufactured. The glass is floated on a bath of molten tin to create the sheets. Float glass comes in a range of thicknesses from 2mm to 20mm and are used for a variety of different purposes. Common sizes and uses for float glass are listed below;

Picture Frames
  • 2mm Glass is for picture frames. To read more about 2mm glass click here
  • 3mm glass is for some windows, often seen used in outdoor garage windows that are quiet small in size. This may not meet current Australian Standards and is replaced with 4mm glass instead.
  • 4mm glass is the glass type in residential properties such as kitchen, bedroom and loungeroom windows. Glazed to a maximum size of 1.4sqm.
  • 5mm glass is in low-lying windows called lowlites, glazed to a maximum area of 0.5 sqm. Standard windows are glazed up to 2.2 sqm.
Windows and other
  • 6mm glass can be used in windows with a larger frame and can often be used as a glass table top where it is not weight bearing
  • Glass types form 8mm – 20mm tend to be custom specific orders. Alternatively, toughened or laminated forms can be used in commercial shopfronts, bathrooms and shower screens.

Glass Products

Laminated glass and toughened glass both come from float glass. Laminated safety glass consists of two pieces of float glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer. To read more about laminated safety glass click here. Toughened glass is made from float glass. The glass gets cut to the required size, then heat treated. Once heat treated it cannot be cut again. To read more about toughened glass click here.

Float Glass Properties

Properties include;

  • Doesn’t scratch easy
  • Flat and parallel surface
  • High % Light transmission
  • Capable of withstanding temperature changes

Float Glass general uses:

  • Picture frames
  • Windows
  • Glass Furniture e.g. table tops & glass shelves

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