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Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

Factors to consider for Selecting a Shower Screen!

What are your biggest problems when it comes to your current Shower Screen?

  • Water Retention?
  • Safety?
  • Aesthetics (How it looks)?
  • Function?
  • Cleaning?
  • Cost?

This guide will help consider the factors that are essential to your next shower screen purchase.

Water Retention

Water retention is linked to a variety of factors including mould build up, safety & slip hazards in the bathroom and excess cleaning if water goes across the floor & under the vanity. Framed shower screens are the best option for water retention. A sturdy aluminium frame ensures all components of the shower screen are concealed and retain water inside the shower screen. This prevents excess water going out into the external bathroom area, potentially creating slip hazards for the family.


Safety is an essential aspect of your next shower screen purchase, and you must know what each shower screen is made of to understand each safety factor. All shower screens must use safety glass in the bathroom which is regulation and to the Australian Standards, but each has differing key features. These include the following;

Haines Glass Framed Shower Screens

  • Made of 6.38 laminated safety glass, which will hold in one piece if broken (read more about laminated safety glass here)
  • Made with strong and sturdy Aluminium Frame
  • Strong hold magnet on the door

Haines Glass Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

  • 6mm toughened safety glass, made to shatter when broken (read more about toughened safety glass here)
  • Made with strong and sturdy Aluminium Frame
  • Strong hold magnet on the top and bottom of the door

Haines Glass Frameless Shower Screens and Frameless Panels

  • 10mm toughened glass, made to shatter when broken (read more about toughened safety glass here)
  • Quality aluminium channel, brackets and hinges which hold the glass together


If the look of the shower screen is the most important feature. Frameless panels and whole frameless shower screens are the way to go. These provide a modern seamless look to the bathroom and are very popular in new homes. They are not the ideal recommendation with families with young kids or elderly people due to the way they are designed to break.


All Haines Glass shower screens function effectively. Framed shower screens are the most durable and best suited for young families, elderly people and rental properties due to the type of glass and frame strength. Semi-Frameless Shower Screens suit couples and families with upper primary aged children and older. They suit those who are looking for a modern and elegant shower screen in a modern bathroom. Frameless shower screens and panels are great opens for modern bathrooms with family members who are a little older. Both Semi-Frameless and Frameless options do have some water leakage as there are small gaps in the glass panels of the shower screen.


All shower screens require cleaning to reduce mould and keep the glass and frames clean. At Haines Glass we are certified Endurosheild specialists which can significantly help with Glass cleaning. The Enduroshield coating ensures you can clean your shower screens chemical free by using only a micro-fibre towel and water. Learn more about Enduroshield here. Alternatively, if selecting regular glass without the coating, vinegar and water is the best recommendation for cleaning the glass with a microfibre towel. Avoid harsh chemicals as this can etch the glass over time and cause damage.


Haines Glass Shower Screens focus on quality rather than being ‘cheap’. Our shower screens are custom made to fit the bathroom and can accommodate out of square aspects where fall is required in the bathroom for water drainage. Pre-fabricated shower screens are far cheaper, but also don’t always fit effectively. We also do not install shower screens we don’t make ourselves.

Our friendly team are always available to discuss everything Shower Screens, simply call the office on 42617295 or pop into our showroom at 298 Princes Highway and we can happily assist.