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Doggy Doors: Can I just get a hole put in the existing glass?

Doggy Doors/ Cat Doors/ Pet Doors

So you are looking at getting a pet door; doggy door/cat door installed in your glass sliding door or window? Often, we get asked can we simply cut a hole in the existing glass and install the pet door?

The short answer is: No.

Why can I not just cut a hole in the existing glass?

Most sliding doors for homes (which are installed when the home is built) are made with toughened glass. This means that if we try to cut toughed glass it will simply shatter into many pieces. Toughened glass is heat treated which increases its strength. It causes it to become more brittle, thus upon impact or cutting, it will shatter.

Therefore, you are best to replace the whole panel of glass, with the hole cut out of it. It then gets toughened. This ensures all safety standards are met. But most importantly that the door is strong, especially with an animal that will be entering and exiting through it.  

Where can I place the hole for the pet door?

Essentially this decision is up to you, but there are a few requirements that must be adhered to. Firstly, the perimeter of the hole has to be a minimum 100mm from the bottom and closest side edge of the glass. This ensures there is enough length and width from the edges to reduce the chance of breaking.

You can place the doggy door in a sliding panel of a sliding door, or the fixed panel of the sliding door. This, in our experience, tends to be the most common choice for most customers. However, you can put the hole in a window up higher if you have a cat, but the same rules apply as above.

Additionally, you can put a hole in a low lite window that is a fixed window, with the same rules above applying. This can be suited for a dog or a cat.

Where can I purchase a doggy door/pet door from?

Most Glass and Glazing companies should be able to order glass to size with the doggy door hole cut out in the glass. Often these companies can provide the doggy door/pet door for you, or you can purchase one yourself from places like Bunnings.

At Haines Glass we regularly measure up dog doors/pet doors for our customers. Then we get the glass cut to size, with the doggy door hole cut out, then have the glass toughened all by our supplier and then we install with our range of Pet-Tek pet doors.

What type of glass is used for a doggy door?

Typically, for a residential home 6mm Clear Float that has been toughened will go into sliding doors, occasionally if in a window, it may need to be 4mm Clear Float that has been toughened. 

How much does a doggy door cost?

There are a few things that adds up to the cost of a pet door;

  1. The size of the glass sliding door; the larger the door increases the price
  2. Whether you supply your own doggy door/cat door/ pet door or we do
  3. If you want to try and install the glass yourself or have our qualified tradesmen do it for you
  4. Whether your door needs all the rubber replaced or existing rubber can be re-used

Let’s give you a rough guideline on price wise for a sliding door. Ranging in size from anywhere from 2000x700mm to 2000x1200mm, you are looking at anywhere from $550-$900. This is inclusive of if we supply the glass with the hole, pet door and install the door. The smaller the height and width of the door, the smaller the price and vice versa with a larger height and width. Additionally if you refer to the points above you can help modify the costs if need be.

How do I place an order for a doggy door?

We offer free measure and quotes and will gladly come out and measure up for your pet door, as will most Glass and Glazing companies. Simply give us a call on 024261 7295. You can also head over to our website or our Facebook page. You will find there the options to send us a message.