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This shower screen was made to custom size

Custom Shower Screen Vs Pre Fabricated Shower Screens

Know the Difference

Custom made shower screens are shower screens that are made to fit your bathroom. These are measured up accurately. They take into consideration any ‘out of square’ sections in your bathroom. (There should be fall on the floor in your bathroom so water can go down the drain and hence, it should be out of square to some degree). Custom made shower screens accommodate this and make installation easier. Qualified Glaziers are the most suited tradesmen to measure up and install shower screens.

Pre-fabricated shower screens are those that use glass panels that are a set size. Generally, toughened glass, which means the glass cannot be resized or adjusted in any way. Although these may be cheaper in the short term, long term they may not be the best solution. Installing these can be more difficult due to the nature of the design of bathrooms. We don’t install these sorts of shower screens due to these factors. Our focus is on quality rather than price. We understand that we may not be the right company for everyone, particularly if price is the major decision factor.

Benefits of a Custom Shower Screen

  • Custom made shower screens are made to fit your bathroom, not the other way around
  • Custom made shower screens are made to the size you want (height and width)
  • Aesthetically they look much better as they fit correctly
  • Functions better because it is designed to fit and be installed in your bathroom with the accommodations that need to be considered
  • Purpose built to match the designs and layout of your bathroom
  • Much higher quality compared to pre-fabricated
  • Warranties cover the install and supply of goods

Disadvantages of Custom Shower Screens

  • Premium products have a premium price tag

Benefits of Pre-Fabricated Shower Screens

  • Supply of these are readily available (online, bathroom stores and large scale DIY stores)
  • Can be picked up quickly
  • More budget friendly (often due to being able to be mass produced overseas)

Disadvantages of Pre-Fabricated Shower Screens

  • It is hard finding a qualified Glazier to install these (we will not install anything that isn’t made by us. This is due to being a nightmare to install as well as warranty issues on the glass). Many other glazing companies are similar.
  • Warranty issues can arise

Who should install the Shower Screen?

Often when renovating a bathroom, a shower screen may be included in the complete renovation. It is important to ask the questions about where the shower screen is supplied from (whether it is pre-fabricated or custom made) and who is installing the shower screen. Ideally a qualified Glazier is the most knowledgeable and experienced person to complete installs, however, many others have skills to complete installs successfully. If you have any questions regarding a new shower screen email us at or call us on 42617295 and we can help assist you. For further reading head over to