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Custom Glass Replacement in Shellharbour

Glass is an essential tool used in the construction industry, and most homes and commercial properties have glass windows, doors and interiors.

This means that when glass needs to be replaced, homeowners may require assistance in choosing the best match.

If you are searching for custom glass replacement for your Shellharbour home, then Haines Glass offers a variety of different materials that you could use. 

Decorative glass

Your home may have particular types of glass panelling, including those in windows and doors, frosted glass in shower rooms, and decorative glass in the kitchen.

You may be searching for bevelled glass, cut and shaped glass, or other forms of decorative glass in order to replace a single panel in an otherwise perfect door or window. 

Safety glass

In the home, or in the workplace, you may want to have specialist toughened glass.

This material is designed to protect you against the glass being broken, and can not only consist of specific safety glass, but might also include heat resistant glass for kitchens, toughened glass for shop fronts, and laminated glass for the home or workplace.

You can speak to Haines Glass about your requirements, and we will be only too happy to help. 

Shaped glass

When you have had a custom shower room installed, your shower screen may have been made using a specifically shaped piece of glass.

When you need to replace the screen, the glass will have to be shaped in exactly the same way to do the same job, and this is why you need our help. 

Surface glass

Both homes and commercial buildings used surface glass to decorate tabletops, desks and office tables, and you may need specialist pieces for use over features, including historical wells dug into the ground inside a bar, plants grown in soil beneath a ground floor, and other items of interest. 

Specialist glass

If this is not enough, at Haines Glass we will also help you to source specialist glass, which could include imported glass made in a specific location, or even locally-made glass which will fit in with an ethical commercial building, or in a green home. 

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