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Common questions we ask you before giving you a price over the phone

Do you need to get your broken glass in your window replaced? We have some common questions that we must ask to assess what type of glass you will require in order to be able to give you a price.

Is your window timber or aluminium?

Timber windows come in a variety of types including; . Timber windows can often take longer to reglaze due to the process to remove the glass and reinstall.

Aluminium windows are relatively standard, however, age, deterioration and rusting (especially of the fixtures and screws) can complicate matters.

Is it the fixed panel or the sliding panel of your window?

We ask you this question more for our scheduling process. Typically a fixed panel window will take the boys longer to reglaze compared to a sliding panel window. Why?

Is the glass clear?

This may seem like an odd question, as most people assume that glass is clear. And in many cases it is clear for windows such as those at the front of the house, in bedrooms and kitchen areas. However, in bathrooms many windows are some type of obscure glass. Often panels of glass in doors or panels next to doors (sidelights) came in obscure safety glass.

Does the bottom of the window lie above or below your knee height?

Why ask this question? Windows which start less than 500mm (50cm) from the ground, from either inside or outside needs to be replaced with safety glass.

Safety glass includes laminated glass, toughened glass, or 5mm glass up to a certain area. It all depends on the size of the frame as to which one it will accommodate.

Laminated glass and 5mm glass is kept in stock so can be fixed that day. However, if a toughened piece of glass is required, we must order that through our supplier (which takes approximately 10 business days).

So, if we were to arrive and you required a toughened piece, our tradesmen will board up the window until we receive your order and come back to install once it arrives. Toughened glass is not kept in stock. The glass has to be cut to the custom size of your window, then toughened (heat treated). Once this process is completed the glass cannot be cut down or resized as it simply shatters.

Is the window in a wet area (bathroom/laundry)?

Bathroom and laundry are areas that often get wet. They generally require safety glass in the windows in case of slips, trips and falls. Laminated glass and/or toughened glass is used in these areas. Toughened glass requires the same turn around as mentioned above. It will also be boarded up if this is required until such time it can be reglazed.

The approximate size of the window/glass

Since our pricing is inclusive of the m2 rate on the glass, the measurements of the window are required. So, we will often ask for approximate measurements, if you have a tape measure handy you can measure the height and width of the window. Measuring frame to frame is close enough for us to give you an idea on an approximate price. However, all pricing over the phone is an estimate, and is subject to change upon formal measurement from the tradesmen.

Most customers however, who do measure their windows are pretty accurate and this is not an issue, but on occasion people approximate the size without a tape measure and it can be vastly out. Additionally, sometimes there may be some features on the window such as colonial bars which incur additional charges of labour for the removal and reinstallation, but if you can send through a photo this can also help ensure we can give you a more accurate price.

Can’t answer those questions and need a Measure and Quote?

Now if that all seems a little bit much for you, we can send out one of our boys to come and measure it up for you so we can send you through a formal quote. This process just takes more time, requires you to be at home to let our boys in and point out the window you’re after, and a little more back and forth, whereas over the phone you can make that decision whether to go ahead on the spot.

Hope this helps!