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7 Tips to Selecting your next Shower screen

These days there are a myriad of options to choose from when selecting your next shower screen. It is imperative to know about and think about what you are after and how this can be accommodated in your bathroom.

Whether you are at the design stage of a new home build, performing a complete bathroom renovation, or simply updating your shower screen to a new one, we can help you. We have the tips you need in order to make the right purchase.

1. Space

When looking at installing a new shower screen, the space and the room you have to work with is critical. Some ideas of what you may want for your shower screen may not always be practical in the space you have. Already made bathrooms where you may be simply replacing the shower screen may dictate the size or style; such as pivot door options, sliding shower screens, or shower panels. However, if you have the luxury of designing your whole bathroom, you may be able to be more flexible. It essential to factor this is upon the design stage. This leads into our next point on timing.

2. Timing

If building or renovating, it is important to consider how a shower screen will fit in with all bathroom essentials at the design stage. This is to ensure all elements will gel together. There is nothing worse than advising a customer that their dream shower screen won’t work in their bathroom due to plumbing fixtures or vanity placements when they are already completed and unable to be moved. Can you design and plan your bathroom around your dream shower screen? Get in touch with us to discuss your best options and how best to work with us.

3. Type and shape of shower screen

Various types of shower screens exist for you to chose from including but not limited to framed pivot styles, framed sliding or stacker door options, semi-frameless pivot door and sliding door options, frameless pivot door and sliding door options, frameless or framed glass panels, and even bath screens. We can fit these into bathrooms as stand alone shower screens or between walls in a bathroom, it all depends on the look you are after.

4. Style

Traditionally framed shower screens, although generally the cheaper option, are aesthetically more eye catching. The eye is drawn to the outline of the aluminium external frame, especially when compared to the semi-frameless and frameless options which blend into the bathroom more subtlety. People wanting modern bathrooms trying to achieve an open plan look often will opt for the frameless or semi-frameless options as they provide that illusion of greater space.

5. Shower screen accessories

Fittings and fixtures can greatly enhance the look of your finished shower screen. Matching colours, styles and designs can help accentuate your bathroom and gel it all together. Handles, hinges, wall channels or glass cut outs can all accentuate different elements in your bathroom. They will give it that extra wow factor.

6. Cleaning

Do you wholeheartedly not enjoy cleaning your shower screen? We hear you, because neither do we. Ever heard of Enduroshield and Vitroglaze? These are 2 competing brands of self-cleaning coatings. We can get our suppliers to manufacture and add these onto your glass during your glass processing to cut your cleaning time by 90%. This is achieved by the inability of the water molecules containing the grit, dirt and grime to stick to the surface of the glass after washing. No harsh chemicals needed, so great for households wanting to minimise chemical use, in fact it is advised not to. Simply using a microfibre towel/rag with some water (or diluted vinegar solution if you want something a little stronger) and buff the glass to have it come up sparking! Self cleaning glass is totally a thing!

7. Budget

Typically shower screens range in price and can be as little as $600 to anything up to $2500. The factors that determine the price are the quality and the type of the products purchased. These can be custom made to your bathroom (since many homes do not have square walls and floors). Framed shower screens are cheaper compared with semi-frameless and frameless options, often with frameless being the most expensive. The size, colour, types of glass used and qualified company for installation.

Shower screens can really make a bathroom. Make sure you are well researched with all of our handy tips discussed above. For more information read our Guide to Bath and Shower screen.