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6 reasons why you should use a qualified glazier

Whether it comes to replacing broken windows, minor repairs, commercial or residential glass works, or luxurious additions to your home such as splash backs and shower screens; a qualified glazier has a wide range of skills and expertise to help you ensure your home, building or business is safe and secure. Qualified Tradesmen who are equipped with the knowledge and skills of the glazing trade are necessary to use if you want a glass job done right the first time.

So why use a qualified glazier?

1 Qualified Glaziers are knowledgeable in their trade area

Firstly they undertake a 4 year Apprenticeship whereby they learn the practical skills and theory to become fully qualified.

By working alongside a tradesman they learn with a hands on approach the wide range of tasks they require to complete their jobs. Secondly, they work and adhere to the Australian Standards AS1288 – Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation which outlines all the rules and regulations of the types of glass which can be used, where they can be used, the maximum areas that are allowed, human impact safety, wind loading and a variety of unique factors to specific works.

You can rest assured that when you hire a qualified glazier you are not only going to get a job completed correctly, but that you are ensuring that your family is in the safest hands possible.

2 They have the experience

By completing the qualifications and applying these skills practically, glaziers encounter a wide range of different jobs. Not only does this keep them on their toes and means that no 2 jobs are never the same.

They must quickly adapt and learn the things which will or won’t work on certain jobs, and more importantly, knowing the best way to do things or tackle problems which may occasionally arise.

This experience means that whatever job you require, you can take comfort in knowing qualified glaziers have the industry knowledge to solve your glazing needs.

3 Skills/techniques

Glaziers learn a vast range of skills and techniques to handle glass and glazing tasks. Often glaziers attend jobs/works whereby the existing parts and materials are obsolete. They must use quick thinking, modifications on the spot and their skills to ensure they can complete your job to the highest standard possible.

4 Tools of the trade

Glaziers possess all the tools essential for the glazing trade. Do you want jobs to be completed promptly, effectively and properly? Glaziers have at hand all the essential tools and components required to complete your glazing jobs.

Often the tradesmen will have the tools in their vehicles as many glaziers work out the back of their utes. Additionally, if the company you select has a physical workshop, you can be sure to find an array of tools to complete every job.

5 Insurance

Qualified glaziers undertake works which can be risky to their own safety and the safety of others. It is essential that you select glaziers who have current insurance from a reputable insurance company.

Public liability insurance that covers risks, injuries and income enables glaziers to complete works with peace of mind. When selecting glaziers it is important to take this into consideration before you proceed with works.

6 Industry Associations

Check to see if your glazing company is accredited with an Industry accreditation authority or association. Have you heard of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA)? It is in Australia the industry accreditation body that ensures glazing companies meet compliance requirements. These requirements are a part of their membership.

These bodies help companies meet benchmark standards for:

  • running their businesses,
  • safety practices,
  • ensure training and qualifications are up to date and relevant.

Knowing that your glazier is part of an industry association provides further reassurance. You are then using the best glazier/company for your jobs. Contact us if you’re looking for a qualified glazier in the Wollongong or Illawarra regions.